Kuhlmann Heating Blanket

Kuhlmann Heat Blanket

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SKU: 12-9999DT
  • Safe and effective way to provide heat to a specific temperature
  • Heats up to a maximum temperature of 90°C
  • Designed with a highly flexible, durable light material
  • 7mm of insulation
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Comes with a digital temperature controller

Alternative sizes available upon request


With Loops:

Kuhlmann electric heat blankets provide a safe and effective way to provide heat when heating to a specific temperature. The blankets make heating up composite, carbon and epoxy prepreg easy, whilst also providing a uniform temperature distribution.

The mat has been designed in a highly flexible, durable light material giving you the ability to heat up to maximum temperatures of 90°C. With 7mm of insulation the blanket ensures heat retention, making the blanket suitable for indoor and outdoor applications, ensuring a longer lifetime.

The heat blankets are now come with a Kuhlmann Digital Temperature Controller, easily allowing you to change and control the temperature.


  • Nylon Material
  • Polyester insulation
  • 7mm insulation for minimal heat loss
  • Teflon Heating Wire
  • Grounded Heating System
  • Safety Thermostat
  • 3M Power Cable (Plug suitable for 110V or 230V)
  • The blankets can be put together to cover a larger surface